A Tenth Revolution Group Company

Ref: 3554664

Director of ERP

USA, Texas

  • Up to £150,000 GBP
  • Systems Manager Role
  • Skills: NetSuite, IT, ERP, EDI, Stakeholder communication, integrations, implementation
  • Level: Senior

Job description

Director of ERP


Director of ERP


$150,000 Base + Bonus

We are seeking an outstanding Director of ERP Systems to join our expanding IT team. Your primary responsibilities will include:

* Leading a small team responsible for the management of our ERP tool (Netsuite) and associated systems in a confidential setting.
* Handling all administrative tasks related to Netsuite, such as upgrades, maintenance, module implementation, major changes, and troubleshooting.
* Supervising both new and existing EDI connections, as well as the functionality of other essential integrations.
* Managing the relationship with vendors/contractors for Netsuite module implementation or project work in a discreet manner.
* Nurturing productive relationships with stakeholders whose teams utilize Netsuite.


* Demonstrating advanced proficiency as a Netsuite administrator, capable of executing high-level, complex administrative tasks as needed.
* Effectively managing a team, overseeing day-to-day operations, facilitating team development/training, and providing guidance on work.
* Exhibiting strong interpersonal skills to communicate with business stakeholders, understand their needs, and update them on project progress while maintaining confidentiality.
* Possessing robust project management skills, including the ability to identify necessary tasks, prioritize them, and support the timely execution by the team.

Preferred Qualification and Experience:

* A decade of experience with Netsuite in any capacity.
* Over five years of administrative experience across all Netsuite modules.
* Proven experience collaborating with an organization's business leaders and stakeholders with a commitment to confidentiality.