Ref: 48594884

Remote Sr. NetSuite Developer

USA, Florida

Job description

Remote Sr. NetSuite Developer


Job Description

* Develop, test, and deploy SuiteScript code.
* Implement, test, maintain, deploy, and support 1st party applications hosted in AWS that integrate with NetSuite via SOAP & REST.
* Utilize strong working knowledge of all NetSuite standard transaction types, as well as custom lists, fields, and records.
* Dedicate time to self-study to improve programming skills, knowledge of the tech stack, as well as emerging industry standards and best practices. Self-study can be through taking classes, attending online and in-person conferences, and reading topical publications.
* Provide operational support for NetSuite issues related to the technology team as well as 1st and 3rd party systems that integrate with NetSuite.

1. Years of experience in NetSuite: 2-5
2. Preferably not 100% Microsoft Developer. Experience with other backend languages and AWS are preferred over someone with C# and Azure only experience.
3. SuiteScript 1 and 2

1. A small team in a well financed and larger organization
2. Small team means opportunity to shape the path of the department from a technical standpoint
3. We are building a highly specialized e-commerce experience in the automotive industry and our direct competitors are Amazon, Ebay, and Shopify
4. We work on leading edge technology in the AWS stack and as a NetSite engineer you have the opportunity to work in this environment as well