Shelly Gore is a proven leader in cloud-based ERP systems. She has designed and implemented complex architectures such as NetSuite Advanced Manufacturing, NetSuite OneWorld, demand and supply planning, EDI, standard-variance cost accounting, quality, capacity planning, finite scheduling, and WMS. Shelly creates and implements targeted roadmaps, unique to a corporation’s requirements, that maximize best-of-breed technologies and ROI. Her goal is to bring clarity, simplicity, and focus to complex processes.

Ask the Expert: how to accelerate value while minimizing risks

Shelly Gore, a proven leader in Cloud ERP, explains how to use a 'quick scan' analysis, with a phased approach, to immediately create value and user acceptance while still minimizing risks during your Cloud ERP implementation. This article explores the six steps of an ERP implementation and highlights what team members are most helpful at each stage of the journey. Read more..