20 things you need to know about NetSuite in March 2017



March 2017 was another big month for NetSuite news.

The company continued to add new partners while telling stories of previous partnerships and preparing for its biggest event of the year. Here’s a look at the biggest NetSuite news from the past month:

NetSuite’s Director of Social Impact, Peggy Duvette, authored a blog post stating that ‘Failure is Sexy’. Based on a previous conference presentation from a meeting of the Colorado Nonprofit Association, the post argued that failure can, in fact, be good for one’s career. It can lead to improved collaboration and innovation while allowing a person to ‘let go’ and ‘fail faster’ in the future.

NetSuite announced a new partnership with REBBL, a maker of ‘super-herbed beverages’., Based in Berkeley, California, the company enlisted NetSuite last October to install a new ERP system, in order to ‘automate end-to-end financial and operational processes’, NetSuite said. It was a rare installation for a company with just 15 employees and 11 products.

In other NetSuite news, NetSuite’s parent company Oracle published an article in Forbes’ Brand Voices section. The piece illustrated NetSuite’s work with a pair of partners: luxury lingerie maker Journelle and video doorbell manufacturer Ring.

NetSuite released a new customer story video, about its work with New Zealand-based clothing maker Mons Royale. NetSuite helped the company create a global business, in spite of its extreme physical isolation from most of the world:

NetSuite authored a blog post about its trip to the LendIt event in New York City. At LendIt, more than 5,000 attendees learned about the latest and most cutting-edge trends in financial services technology.

In perhaps the month’s biggest bit of NetSuite news, Oracle announced its third-quarter earnings on March 15, posting a net income of $2.2 billion on total revenue of $9.2 billion. The market reacted overwhelmingly positively to the earnings. While not much detail was released about NetSuite’s performance, Oracle CEO Mark Hurd said on the earnings call that the division’s performance ‘accelerated’ in the quarter. Among those reacting to the release were Enterprise Times’ Steve Brooks (‘Oracle soars on Q3 revenue and profits‘), Zacks Research (‘Oracle Dominates ERP Market‘) and Seeking Alpha (‘Oracle: Now is the Time to Buy’.)


Several NetSuite-related webinars were held throughout the month:

On March 15, NetSuite’s OneWorld 16 took home the ERP Product of the Year award at the UK Cloud Awards:

On March 20, NetSuite announced the addition of several new partners for its channel program. These included accounting firm WithumSmith+Brown, consulting services provider Kranz & Associates, consulting company AdaptaLogix and ERP systems provider Phoenix Systems Group. All teamed up with NetSuite as part of the NetSuite Solution Provider Program.

Framery Acoustics, a leading office-solution provider in Finland, has switched its ERP provider to NetSuite. This continues NetSuite’s growing presence in Northern Europe.  And speaking of Finland, Helsinki celebrated NetSuite User Day on March 23.

NetSuite released a blog post detailing nine customer questions on how to upgrade from Quickbooks to NetSuite. The list drew on NetSuite’s performance, compliance, customization and more.

In another new video, NetSuite told the story of its work with OpenSymmetry, a system integrator and management consulting company. NetSuite helped the company switch to a unified cloud-based ERP system.

Theo & Philo, an artisanal bean-to-bar chocolatier based in the Philippines, announced that it has switched its ERP operations to NetSuite. The company had been using a previous system consisting of QuickBooks as well as various Excel spreadsheets.

Big Bang ERP put out a list of the Top 10 NetSuite 2017.1 Updates. These include Store Pickup, SuitePromotions, SuiteScript and more.

NetSuite released one more customer story video for the month: How White Labs, a liquid yeast manufacturer that operates in the craft beer industry, enlisted NetSuite in order to improve its manufacturing, accounting, CRM and e-commerce processes.

NetSuite congratulated the University of Oregon on its appearance in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four. NetSuite recently completed a high-profile installation at the university’s bookstore and apparel shop, The Duck Store:


User groups

Many different NetSuite User Groups throughout the U.S. held meetings in March. These included:

  • Boston: March 10
  • Atlanta: March 14
  • Minneapolis: March 16
  • Chicago and New York: March 23
  • Indiana and San Francisco: March

Anderson Frank served as a Silver Sponsor for the New York event, held at the New York City Seminar Center on March 23. The half-day conference featured addresses by Business Solutions Partners CTO Hussain Zahdi and Phil Villapiano of Odyssey Logistics and Technology, a former player for the Oakland Raiders.

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