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8 innovative companies using NetSuite

By Lauren Watson

For more than 20 years, NetSuite has become a much-needed essential aid for many companies across the globe, helping them simplify business practices and financial operations, as well as reducing IT costs. NetSuite has many different functions that allow businesses to expand and improve as they grow. 

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NetSuite not only gives companies the tools they need to succeed but offers the ability to run their business more efficiently and provide solutions to any problems they may face. If you want your business to innovate and always be one step ahead of the competition, there isn’t another ERP software out there that ticks all the boxes. 

We looked at eight innovative companies that use NetSuite, and here’s what we found: 


Avant, a financial technology company founded in 2012, helps users process loans and offers an Avant credit card. During rapid growth, Avant needed a reliable business management system to assist its customers and clients and moved to NetSuite. 

After this move, Avant could push aside their worries and have a thorough user interface that enabled them to have real-time visibility to their customers and acquire detailed insights to reflect on changes in the market. 

By streamlining its financial reporting, the company saved approximately $120,000 annually while NetSuite works its magic for them. 


Qardio, a technology company founded in 2012, offers its customers a range of health monitoring products. When expanding to a global market, Qardio needed a reliable and sustainable ERP software with the ability to perform internationally to help them achieve these ambitions. 

With the implementation of NetSuite One World, Qardio could fully streamline its business processes, ranging from order management to financial management. As well as this, Qardio now has a full view of its customer database and can see real-time insights into trends and behaviors to improve its business operations.  

“For us, it was really important to have billing, inventory reconciliation, taxes, accounting, and consolidation in one place,” said Jorrit Kelderman, CFO of Qardio, speaking to NetSuite about what stood out to him when choosing an ERP software “NetSuite OneWorld’s flexibility, agility, and scalability made it a clear winner, and it allows our business to expand at an unprecedented rate.” 

Shaw Industries 

Shaw Industries, founded in 1946, is one of the world’s largest carpet manufacturers, bringing in more than $6 billion annually. 

When they introduced a new 210,000-square-foot manufacturing plant in Nantong, China, they realized they needed a more reliable global system for orders and finances. 

NetSuite One World operates in more than 190 currencies, which helped Shaw manage their global subsidiaries and continue with international business operations more efficiently. 

Make-A-Wish Foundation 

The Make-A-Wish Foundation, founded in 1980, is a non-profit organization helping to grant wishes for critically ill children between the ages of 2½-18. 

Richard K. Davis, President and CEO of Make-A-Wish America, told NetSuite, Technology plays a crucial role in how we’re able to grant life-changing wishes to communities across the country successfully.”  

The foundation originally had 59 different financial systems, making admin processes very complex and time-consuming. With NetSuite, they can rely on one sole financial system and spend more time focusing on changing the lives of children by accelerating and automating the donation process. 

Charlotte Tilbury 

Charlotte Tilbury, founded in 2013 by British makeup artist, Charlotte Tilbury (surprise, surprise), moved to NetSuite One World after an extended period of growth. 

In need of a new business management system, NetSuite matched the requirements for Charlotte Tilbury perfectly, allowing them to have one financial system to manage inventory and customer relationship management, as well as reporting on analytical data with significant savings in IT costs. 

NetSuite also gave them real-time figures during product launches and events, as well as easy access to profit and loss to evaluate and make recommendations. During times of change in the business, they can adapt and customize the platform to meet their needs which is so vital for a brand such as Charlotte Tilbury. 


YouGov, an international market research firm founded in 2000, used NetSuite to help achieve significant company growth and implemented various systems such as OneWorld, Revenue Recognition, and SuiteProjects. 

NetSuite was able to provide them with automatic updates in the Cloud without any problems. In turn, YouGov generated an increase in revenue of 100% while adding only eight staff members to the administrative team. 

These automatic updates enabled the business to eliminate any downtime and saved valuable time and resources for YouGov to continue expanding. 


Brandwatch is a social media software company, that assists big-name clients such as L’Oreal and Marks and Spencer. During a period of international growth, they chose to implement NetSuite OneWorld to help manage their accounting systems across the globe. 

This system would allow Brandwatch to automate the taxation requirements in different countries and make modifications for different currencies and legal compliance scenarios, when necessary, while streamlining the reporting process. 

The company implemented the software within 14 days and created a smoother working environment for their UK, US, and German offices, taking the number of employees from four to 400. 


Streamlining your business processes is a massive bonus for any company, and Secrid, a Dutch company that manufactures wallets, was able to do that with the help of NetSuite ERP.

After designing wallets that protected RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and NFC (Near-Field Communication) cards, the company gained a surge in customers and needed a software that provided them with reliable analysis and insights, as well as retail and trade sales information. 

Thomas Boogert, ERP & ICT Manager for Secrid, spoke to NetSuite and said, “I am always blown away by the possibilities of NetSuite. I ask myself ‘How do I solve this?’ and realize that I have options A, B, C & D, then just have to pick which is right for us. The flexible workflows blew us away.” 

Each of these companies has its own reasons for turning to NetSuite in times of expansion and growth, and it’s clear to see why this decision was made. 

NetSuite really does change the way a company operates for the better, and there’s no surprise that over 24,000 companies and subsidiaries depend on it. With unlimited possibilities that can aid any type of business, whether that be a team in one office location or split globally, it really is the future of business management. 

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