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The Anderson Frank Careers and Hiring Guide: NetSuite Edition 2022/23 survey is open now!

By Megan-Louise Burnham

The survey for this year’s Anderson Frank Career and Hiring Guide: NetSuite Edition is open now, and we need your help to make this year’s the best it can be!  

As the world’s most comprehensive independent study of NetSuite professionals, the Careers and Hiring Guide is an invaluable resource for professionals and employers, giving exclusive insight on careers advice, hiring trends and salaries across the community. The report is a vital tool for making sure you’re doing everything you can to keep up to date and ultimately excel in your field, whether that’s managing your team or looking towards career development.  

The tech industry has had to adapt quickly over the past few years, responding to gradual developments during the pandemic and the way we work has had to shift in accordance. With this, we have seen talent and skills gaps like never before, with candidates re-evaluating their career goals and aligning this against new industry standards. Businesses have had to respond quickly to stay ahead of the curve, with new ways of attracting and retaining the professionals needed to implement and maintain the cloud platforms we now rely on.  

We want to hear how all these factors have affected you, whether you’re an employee using NetSuite products or an employer.  

You’ll get the chance to share your thoughts on the NetSuite world and make your voice heard about the things that matter to you. You’ll also be able to weigh in on issues around working culture, technological advancements, and diversity and inclusion. It takes people to incite change – and the opportunity is right at your fingertips.  

Download the 2021/22 report now

If all of this wasn’t enough to get you on board, you’ll be the first to receive a copy of the guide straight to your inbox when it’s released and be entered in a prize draw to win a $500 Amazon eGift Card as our way of saying thank you for taking part. We really do value every survey response we receive, as, without it, we wouldn’t be able to compile the most accurate and thorough snapshot of the NetSuite community.  

So, make your voice count and help change the face of the NetSuite ecosystem:  

Certifications and upskilling: Have you used remote working to your advantage and worked towards becoming NetSuite certified? Do these certifications have any impact on your earnings? Which certifications are most valued by employers? Your input will help us piece together a report that tells you all this and more and helps you reach your highest potential. 

Benefits and incentives: Wonder what perks your colleagues are receiving and if you are missing out? Could you be getting more than you are? For employers, the report allows you to benchmark your benefits package and see exactly what attracts new staff.  

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion: Do you feel included in your workplace? Worried your pay may differ from your male/female counterparts? Use your voice to speak up against crucial issues that affect not only your company culture, but the wider sentiments of the tech community. It’s more important than ever to speak out, and also find out, what in-roads are being made when it comes to addressing inequality. 

The current skills and talent gap: What is your honest opinion on the current skills gap? Has it had an effect on your organization? What hiring challenges are you facing? We’ll use your responses to give the best snapshot of the NetSuite ecosystem, and the Challenges ahead for employers and employees. 

The Anderson Frank Careers and Hiring Guide will be a vital touchstone, covering roles involving NetSuite and Oracle, with dedicated sections for both professionals and employers, ensuring there’s something for everyone. Whether that’s improving your hiring practices or evaluating your position within your own organization—the report will be one of the most invaluable resources you read this year.

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Help us to build the ultimate resource for career insights, hiring trends, and salaries in the NetSuite ecosystem.

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