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Five sessions not to miss at SuiteWorld 2022

By Megan-Louise Burnham

The world’s largest global NetSuite gathering returns to Las Vegas at the end of September, with thousands of professionals from around the world making their way to Caesars Forum for four days, celebrating the platform we’re all so passionate about.  

Between September 27-30, you’ll be able to participate in several workshops and hands-on demonstrations, as well as hear about the latest NetSuite innovations through keynote speakers and breakout sessions across the venue. And that’s not even mentioning the parties!  

Plus, nobody will be left behind, as SuiteWorld On Air means you’ll be able to participate in the event no matter where you are in the world. Most keynotes have already been confirmed, including those from Evan Goldberg and Gary Wiessinger, but there’s still so much more to learn about during your time at Caesars Forum.  

So, if you haven’t finished planning your days, we’ve put together this list of five events we think should be on your planner.  

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Tackling the NetSuite Skills Gap in 2022 and Beyond with Anderson Frank [ADM1720SOL]  

Wednesday, Sep 2811:00 AM – 11:30 AM PDT  

It might be a biased opinion, but one session you can’t afford to miss is the Tackling the NetSuite Skills Gap in 2022 and Beyond talk with us at Anderson Frank.   

The digital skills gap is an issue that threatens every aspect of the NetSuite ecosystem. With a demand for skilled professionals exceeding the speed they can develop these skill sets, workforces are left with employees who cannot handle new technologies. This knowledge gap not only threatens personal growth becoming stagnant but also the results for businesses globally. As a result, the talent market is suffering like never before, and we need to find a way to remedy this.   

In our presentation, hosted by Vice President Marcus Burke, we’ll cover the key ways businesses can attract and retain NetSuite talent and foster a culture of personal development within your current cohort. Backed by the input of professionals from our latest Anderson Frank Careers and Hiring Guide: NetSuite Edition ahead of its launch, the session is informed by the people who know the ecosystem best, giving you the most informed perspective on how to tackle the cloud skills gap in your organization. Expect a session packed with actionable advice and additional bits to help you get ahead in the talent market.   


Staying Compliant with Avalara’s Broad Range of Solutions [FIN1936SOL]  

Thursday, Sep 293:00 PM – 4:00 PM PDT  

Another valuable session is brought to you by Avalara, helping businesses of all sizes achieve compliance with transactional taxes, including VAT, sales and use, excise, communications, and other tax types, with their cloud-based solutions.   

Avalara’s Solution Showcase Session covers themes such as customer success, high growth, and operational excellence with the aid of their broad range of solutions. The session is designed to help businesses remove complexities, giving advice on how their solutions work with NetSuite to reduce compliance risk, exemption certificate tracking, and international rules.   

The introductory-level session welcomes all businesses looking to improve their finances, from smaller companies looking to expand their horizons to helping larger organizations become scalable and more efficient in their practices.   


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50 NetSuite Security Tips in 50 Minutes [ADM1239SES]  

Thursday, Sep 2911:00 AM – 12:00 PM PDT  

The intermediate 50 NetSuite Security Tips in 50 Minutes session brought to SuiteWorld by Brian Taylor (VP Trust Services at Oracle), and Mark Polino (Director of Customer Success at Fastpath Solutions, LL) is designed for NetSuite Administrators looking for an edge in their field. The fast-paced session is guided by professional know-how, with key takeaways: how to improve NetSuite security, new approaches to managing risks, and tips and tricks to keep organizations and their data safe.   

If you’re an Administrator, make this session the top of your list!  


Advanced Tips & Tricks to Take Your NetSuite Game to the Next Level [ADM1625SES]  

Thursday, Sep 2911:00 AM – 11:30 AM PDT  

The session Advanced Tips & Tricks to Take Your NetSuite Game to the Next Level, presented by Wade Sexton, Principal Education Consultant at Oracle, is a must-see for all NetSuite professionals. In the current business climate, developing your professional skillset is no longer optional but essential to remaining competitive.  

Those joining the session stand to develop their understanding of advanced functions that can make everyday tasks a breeze, improving both effectiveness and day-to-day productivity among you and your users. This session includes all you need to boost your expertise and excel amongst your peers by covering features such as keyboard hotkeys, file drag and drop, RSS feeds, and more.   


An Overview of the NetSuite Integration Landscape [DEV1344SES]  

Friday, Sep 301:30 PM – 2:30 PM PDT  

Want to know more about the capabilities of the SuiteCloud platform? Or want to ensure your knowledge is as up-to-date as possible? Then the breakout session, An Overview of the NetSuite Integration Landscape, is something you need to check out!  

The session, led by Bruce Tanenholtz, Senior Manager, SuiteCloud Platform & SuiteCommerce Curriculum at Oracle, gives an expansive overview of the current integration landscape and how you can take advantage of the vast capabilities accessible to you. As a Developer, this is an essential session for you, covering everything from SuiteTalk REST and SOAP web services to scenarios that take advantage of RESTlets, automated CSV imports and exports, SuiteAnalytics Connect, and outbound integration options (to name a few!). Even better, Tanenholtz will give a live demo of each integration option and downloadable code samples to try out yourself.   


If those haven’t got you excited (but let’s face it, how could they not?), be sure to check out the session catalogue for the complete list of what you can expect at the event. We hope to see you there, whether in person or remotely, at the occasion of the year – it’s something no NetSuite professional can afford to skip!  

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