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Share your thoughts on the NetSuite ecosystem and you could win $500 of prizes

By Chris Thompson

amazon gift card with a subtitle win a $500 amazon gift card and a heading underneath saying take our independent NetSuite salary survey

Anderson Frank’s 2019/20 NetSuite salary survey is now open!

NetSuite predictions 2020

This is your opportunity to have your say on the NetSuite industry, including products, salaries, benefits, and working culture.

Your thoughts on the NetSuite market are important and, by taking our survey, you will be helping others in the ecosystem get valuable, up-to-date insights into the NetSuite industry.

It takes less than 20 minutes to participate in our survey, and you’ll have the chance to win a  $500 Amazon gift card.

If you work for a NetSuite customer, tell us about your experience migrating or implementing NetSuite, specifically:

  • The benefits and challenges of implementing NetSuite
  • The legacy software you’ve replaced and why
  • Your experience with NetSuite partners
  • Your advice for any of your peers looking to implement NetSuite

If you work for a NetSuite partner, share your thoughts on:

  • The NetSuite projects you’ve been involved in
  • Your exposure to the latest NetSuite products
  • Why you might consider working for a NetSuite customer

Everyone taking the survey can tell us about:

  • Certifications, training and online resources your peers might find useful
  • Perks and benefits
  • The biggest turnoffs when looking for future employment
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Remote working and job relocation
  • What you’d like to see in the next NetSuite release

The eventual report will be launching exclusively at SuiteWorld 2020 for the general public, but as a thank you for participating in our survey, a digital version will be delivered to your email inbox as soon as the report is ready—you’ll be privy to our findings before anyone else.

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