20 NetSuite plugins to save time and grow your revenue




As the market leader for cloud-based ERP, NetSuite is used by over 40,000 businesses across the world.

According to our recent report, 68% of end-users adopt NetSuite for its ability to simplify their business process and integrate their CRM and ERP tools into one cloud-based package. Once migrated over to the cloud, companies can customize their cloud-based interface with a huge range of NetSuite plugins and extensions available to them on SuiteApps.


SuiteApps: plugins built for your NetSuite needs

NetSuite allows users to download additional content and services in the form of NetSuite plugins. These plugins are known as SuiteApps and are available from NetSuite’s dedicated website, SuiteApp.com.

Each of these plugins has been developed by members of the SuiteCloud Developer Network, NetSuite’s third-party developer program. Once downloaded and installed in NetSuite, these extensions allow you to further tailor your use of the program to your business needs. While some NetSuite plugins focus on integration with other systems to increase productivity, others can streamline various essential processes and even lead to a boost in revenue.

“Improving your experience with NetSuite can involve a wide range of things, from simple apps and plugins to custom-developed applications that run inside NetSuite and make users’ lives better. I use the NetSuite Show Field IDs Chrome plugin and Ditto clipboard manager to help with what is often a lot of cutting and pasting when configuring a new environment. Moving back and forth between NetSuite and other systems often involves moving many small lists, which Ditto is great for.” 

Rob MacEwen, Managing Director at Audaxium.

It’s fair to say that NetSuite becomes an even more attractive prospect for businesses thanks to its SuiteApp offering, so, with that in mind, here is a collection of plugins that will allow you to get the best out of your business using NetSuite extensions.


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Customer experience
Sales and product management
Workflow management
Partner developed apps



1. Rydoo for Netsuite

Rydoo offers a simple way to digitize and automate your expense management process. Real-time notifications and mileage tracking will save you time, while technical features such as credit card management and the ability to export expenses automatically to NetSuite make Rydoo an attractive NetSuite plugin.


2. AvaTax for NetSuite

AvaTax is a NetSuite plugin that focuses on efficiency. Its selling point is the ability to manage a variety of tax rules such as sales tax holidays, value-dependent sales tax, and state-specific taxes. It also manages your monthly sales tax returns for you. The AvaTax integration allows users to automate their tax calculations to ensure that their business is compliant at all times.


3. Bill.com for NetSuite

Bill.com is one of the most widely used integrated digital payment platforms on the market. Its fully automated AP process syncs with the NetSuite interface, allowing businesses to reduce processing errors and improve team productivity. Here are some of the features you can utilize as a NetSuite end-user:

  • Increases efficiency and save time by streamlining your PO-to-payment workflow to one digital platform, eliminating the need to manually process your approvals, recorded payments, paper invoices, and checks.
  • Simplify international payments by automatically converting payments to local currencies, allowing you to pay international vendors the same way as domestic ones without any hidden costs.
  • Have more control and visibility by tracking all your digital audits with real-time data, helping you to simplify your approval processes, and delegate more tasks to the right people on your team.
  • Save time and reduce clerical errors by keeping everything in sync. From invoices to fully paid POs, every payment entered will be automatically updated on your NetSuite interface.


4. CCH SureTAX for NetSuite

Wolters Kluwer’s CCH SureTAX combines the industry’s most trusted sales tax information with an intuitive user interface to create a single-source tax compliance platform, allowing companies to manage their entire sales tax compliance process efficiently.

Key benefits include:

  • It can provide the highest protection against negative sales tax audits, overpayments, and class action suits.
  • The simplified workflow is designed to deliver a simple and intuitive user experience that can support daily activities such as updating, monitoring, and reporting.
  • The plugin will give you a clear insight into every transaction, including non-taxable and tax-exempt revenue, tax breakpoints for tiers and thresholds, and tax-on-tax.


5. Nexonia Expenses for NetSuite

Nexonia’s expense management tool allows you to control multiple currencies in one platform, transfer credit card transactions and receipts into your NetSuite account, and track your expenses with ease. Their API integration ensures your data is transferred securely and syncs with a range of NetSuite dimensions, including customers, vendors, departments, and items—allowing you to have total control over how your users interact with your NetSuite data. 

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Customer Experience

6.  Annex cloud loyalty for NetSuite

Annex Cloud connects your customer’s experience with a tailor-made loyalty program, allowing you to make customizable rewards for people who interact with your brand. So, whether you want to incentivize new sign-ups, loyal customers, or positive reviews, this plugin can seamlessly deliver a loyalty program across all your marketing channels, helping you to retain your customers and increase your ROI.


7. LiveChat For NetSuite

The LiveChat platform can be integrated into your website, helping you to capture better leads and close more sales by aiding your on-site visitors to engage with your brand. You will be able to personalize your chat widget to fit your brand’s identity and efficiently manage your chat traffic through smart routing. Other features include a ticket message system, multi-channel communication, and a seamlessly integrated mobile app that will ensure you never miss an opportunity to engage with your customers.



8. Bronto Marketing plugin

A NetSuite-owned company, Bronto uses data such as cart, product, and order details to generate automated follow-up content across multiple channels. If a customer leaves an abandoned cart, for example, Bronto will send an alert message. It can also be used to upsell campaigns, and with plenty of personalization options, these automated campaigns can save you huge amounts of time while having a greater appeal to recipients.


9. Spotler for NetSuite

Spotler (formerly CommuniGator) allows companies to align their marketing campaign with their sales strategies, manage their entire process in one platform, and capture real-time data that can identify and deliver better leads. The Spotler plugin integrates effortlessly with your NetSuite CRM interface to create dynamic marketing campaigns that can be automatically rolled out across all of your channels, helping you to engage with your audience quicker and more efficiently.


10. NetSuite WordPress plugin

Thanks to its extremely easy-to-use interface and customization, WordPress is the CMS of choice for countless businesses across a range of industries. Instead of a standard NetSuite WordPress plugin, companies that use both platforms for eCommerce are likely better served by a tool such as In8, which also brings WooCommerce integration into the equation.

The In8 NetSuite WordPress plugin synchronizes all of the essential data between NetSuite and the WooCommerce tool. Bi-directional syncing ensures that customer data is always up to date and in real-time.


Sales and Product management

11. NetSuite Magento extension

The Magento eCommerce platform can be easily integrated into your ERP with the help of the prebuilt integration, NetSuite SmartConnector. There is a monthly subscription of $250, but NetSuite SmartConnector offers an extremely impressive range of capabilities, including:

  • Advanced logistics. Improved fulfillment through tracking numbers and customer notifications, which are updated in real time.
  • Sales management. Purchase orders are created in NetSuite automatically once a customer checks out from the Magento storefront.
  • Payment options. Payments can be made at the point of sale or after fulfillment thanks to multiple payment capture options
  • Stores connectivity. Multiple Magento stores can be connected, or linked, to a single NetSuite instance for ease of use.
  • Product management. Use NetSuite to directly manage your products, pricing, images, categories, and other information.
  • Refund and order cancellations. Order management, cancellations, and refunds can also be handled in NetSuite, with updated product statuses appearing in the Magento storefront.
  • Inventory. Real-time synchronization between Magento and NetSuite allows for an accurate stock and inventory display, minimizing the chance of under or overselling.
  • Miscellaneous. Using the NetSuite Magento extension also provides you with the ability to offer discounts and promotions, various shipping and payment methods, a range of currencies, and multiple product uploading.

In terms of revenue, the NetSuite Magento extension reduces costs, despite its monthly fees, thanks to inclusive and continuous updates, maintenance, and support. You can also scale your operations more efficiently through automating certain processes that use both NetSuite and Magento and improve the customer’s buying experience through accurate product availability information, and real-time order statuses.


12. Delfoi Planner for NetSuite

The Delfoi production planner and control solution is a user-friendly scheduling app that allows a business to optimize its production management system. Its visual features replace out of date spreadsheet systems frequently used in production scheduling. The Delfoi planner includes advanced planning and scheduling, a manufacturing execution system, and an HR-planning and KPI reporting feature, helping companies decrease their planning time by 30%, strengthen their delivery accuracy by 65%, and shorten their production lead times by 50%.


13. SourceDay Portal for NetSuite

SourceDay is a procurement management software that connects your NetSuite ERP directly with your buyers and suppliers, to help companies transform their supply chain and overcome the challenge of managing direct spending with their manufacturers. Their features include an automated purchase order management, and ISO compliant supplier scorecard, and a quality control reporting system.


14. Nvoicepay for SuiteApp

Nvoicepay strategic payment solution allows businesses to pay suppliers in a fully automated flow while retaining control and visibility throughout the entire payment process. Companies can manage multiple approvals, bank accounts, and currencies with real-time reconciliation information and on-demand reporting, helping them to reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and maximize card rebates with minimal effort. The platform features a dynamic payment data system, a supplier relationship manager, and an automatic supplier tracker.


15. Configure One and CPQ software for NetSuite

Configure One and Configure Price Quote (CPQ) application enables businesses to sell configurable, multi-option, and customizable products and services. A trusted NetSuite partner for over 15 years, Configure One’s plugin can generate product configurations through a quote tab added to your NetSuite opportunity screen, and convert configurator-produced quotes to your NetSuite sales orders. It can also create single and multi-level bills of material and automatically establishes the item relationships in your NetSuite dashboard by generating a new item record number. The software guides end-users through the product configuration process, helping them draw sales through product visualization and manufacturing routings.


16. Salesforce Integration app

Celigo’s prebuilt Salesforce application lets companies take advantage of Salesforce’s CRM while still leveraging the capabilities of NetSuite’s ERP. With the integration, businesses can automatically create sales orders with NetSuite whenever a Salesforce opportunity is in the close-won stage of the pipeline.

In addition to increasing sales pipeline productivity, the integration allows companies to improve efficiency amongst their teams. So, while your sales team create and manage quotes and opportunities in Salesforce, your finance team can handle the orders, billing, products, and contracts in NetSuite. The Salesforce integration app has a range of features for users to take advantage of, including the contract renewal module, channel sales support, and the sync subscription with the NetSuite SuiteBilling Add-on.


Workflow management

17. NetSuite plugin for Outlook

The Celigo Outlook CloudExtend app gives you the ability to integrate Outlook with NetSuite, allowing you to gain a 360-degree view of your business relationships, capture in-depth data from your CRM activity, and manage your email communications, contacts, diary, and tasks.

The third-party app synchronizes native Outlook records such as events, tasks, contacts and call logs into NetSuite in real-time, and choose the type of files you want to sync from a broad range of criteria. It can also allow email messages to be associated with your records, including the option to choose a relevant NetSuite record occurring whenever you write or receive a new email. This can be helpful when it comes to customer relationships, as relevant communication threads from NetSuite become instantly available to add necessary context.

System security is extra important when it comes to integrating existing systems using NetSuite extensions, and that’s why this third-party app for Outlook comes with comprehensive administrator tools. As well as the abilities already covered above, these permissions allow administrators to:

  • Define the criteria for conflict resolution.
  • Determine how records to be synchronized are identified.
  • Generate different default settings for various roles.
  • Highlight required fields in Outlook for contacts.

If you’re one of the vast numbers of businesses that rely on Microsoft’s Outlook for your communications, as well as NetSuite for your CRM activity, then this third-party application for Outlook has more than enough administrative and time-saving features to justify integrating the two.

Avoid a communication breakdown amongst your team


18. NetSuite Gmail plugin

The NetSuite Gmail plugin can improve user productivity by providing transaction and contextual customer data from your NetSuite and sending it directly to your Gmail. Targeting customer communication and relationship management can allow you to track customers’ prospects and communications effectively through your NetSuite’s CRM.

As well as these communication features, the NetSuite Gmail plugin also boasts seamless synchronization with your Google Calendar. Syncing between NetSuite and your Google Calendar is automatic, as well as bi-directional. You can choose which calendar to use at any time, safe in the knowledge that any events will be added automatically to both. Having a schedule that is synchronized is a fantastic and relatively simple way to save time as a business, as it ensures that all relevant parties are on the same page and working towards the same scheduled goals.


19. NetSuite Eclipse Plugin

Eclipse is one of the most popular integrated development environments (IDE) in use today, so it stands to reason that a NetSuite Eclipse plugin download would be popular with the shared user base of both platforms. For those looking for a NetSuite Eclipse plugin download, one of the best options is arguably SuiteCloud IDE. Developed especially for the NetSuite platform, SuiteCloud IDE is Eclipse-based and allows for direct development using SuiteApp functionality within NetSuite.

The so-called Eclipse Perspective used to control item visibility in an instance by translating the user interface into a new NetSuite perspective. With the NetSuite perspective, you can manipulate and better control resources and projects within NetSuite. Features such as code-completion on SuiteScript APIs, script IDs, and the setup wizard, will improve efficiency for your in-house developers.


Partner-developed NetSuite plugins

20. Audaxium

Audaxium has developed many apps that run inside NetSuite that clients can use to automate their day-to-day processes. These range from automating the follow-up on open invoices, to automatic customer surveys.

Here are some examples:

    • Print any record. Print off any NetSuite or Custom Record in a PDF, CSV, or Excel, including related records.
    • Update opportunity from quote. Check a box and have the line items on your opportunity update after you modify an attached quote.
    • NetSuite Toggl integration. Much easier time entry for NetSuite. Very affordable and easy to deploy.
    • Transaction email automation. A rules-based system for following up on any transaction via email.
    • Customer surveys. NetSuite custom records can very quickly be created to build surveys in NetSuite and automatically send survey links to clients in many circumstances, such as after a sale, or a closed case.

The beauty of NetSuite’s SuiteApp development system means that new plugins and extensions are emerging all of the time from the likes of Audaxium and others. New functionality is never far away to customize your NetSuite experience and constantly improve it.

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