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We’ve teamed up with the NetSuite Solution Provider Trajectory Inc, to work on a series of articles based on the life of a NetSuite Admin. Check out their article: NetSuite CSV import | ERP data migration process 

But first, let’s dive into today’s topic: what should you be earning as a NetSuite admin? 

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The worth of a NetSuite admin in the market

There is a lot of hearsay across Reddit about job security for NetSuite professionals, especially for NetSuite Admins. A lot of professionals in the NetSuite Reddit community suggest to double up on your skills by training in other software like Salesforce or Microsoft. While we always recommend regularly updating your skillset and pursuing a career as a lifelong learner, we also suggest you understand the worth of your job role in the market before jumping the boat to another tech vertical.

There is a range of benefits to understanding the value of your job role in the market. Firstly, it can identify the shape of technology. If the demand for your tech is healthy, then you, as a specialist, can determine the security of your job and the fate of your career in that niche market.

Secondly, you can utilize market insights to benchmark your overall compensation package with that of your colleagues in the tech ecosystem. In doing so, you can assess whether it’s time to renegotiate your current package with your employer or bite the bullet and find a more rewarding job in another company.

Among those who expect to leave their employer within the next year, 51% said that the main
motivating factor would be a lack of earnings increase, followed by a lack of career progression
(42%) and lack of leadership and vision (26%).

51% of NetSuite professionals leave their job due to a lack of salary increase

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Data-driven facts on the current state of the NetSuite Admin role

In our recent market report, we learned there was a 76% increase in NetSuite projects over the last 12 months and an 18% rise in the average US salary for the NetSuite Admin role over the previous two years.

We also discovered that NetSuite’s ERP software-  — the top product for NetSuite admins — is still the most utilized module in the ecosystem.

What should you be earning as a NetSuite Admin at every level?

In this section, we’ll be analyzing the job requirements and average salary of a junior, mid-level, and senior NetSuite Admin.

 Earning as a Junior-level NetSuite admin

 Earning as a Mid-level Netsuite admin

Earning as a Senior-level NetSuite admin

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Common employee benefits in the NetSuite industry

When asked about their salary satisfaction, 62% of our survey respondents stated they were satisfied with their current income, leaving a further 38% feeling displeased with their existing salary.

As much as it’s great to bring home a large pay package every month, there are other elements to consider when it comes to measuring your earnings worth in your current company as a NetSuite Admin. Within our survey, the most common pay package perks included a company laptop, health insurance, and a dental plan; other components may consist of a 401K, social event, paid time off, and flexi-time. 

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If you are dissatisfied with your earnings but don’t want to move companies, arrange a one-to-one meeting with your manager to discuss improving your current compensation package.

There is a chance they may shoot down your request for an increase in salary, as it’s possible they don’t have room in the budget. Nevertheless, there are perks you can negotiate that will reflect the value on your skills, without breaking the bank for your employer — the most popular option is remote working.

Our survey demonstrated a 49% increase in companies providing home working as an option for their employees, with 55% of our respondents listing it as one of the benefits that they receive in their compensation package.

Will moving NetSuite roles affect my salary?

Another common question in the NetSuite Reddit community is the benefit of changing roles within the NetSuite ecosystem. As mentioned above, it’s always good to expand on your skillset, however, you need to ensure you’re expanding your skills to move forward in your career and not backward, as some position in the ecosystem can be more advanced than others.

Below we have broken down other NetSuite roles that are similar to a NetSuite Admin and compared the salaries.

Business Analyst to NetSuite Admin

Accountant to NetSuite Admin

NetSuite Admin to Developer

NetSuite Admin to Consultant

The best locations to work as a NetSuite administrator

If you’re an existing NetSuite Admin, you will know that a job can entail a lot of traveling – especially if you’re a freelance administrator. But as we’ve stipulated throughout the article, location can have a major impact on your career as a NetSuite professional, and the idea of relocating could actually be a huge stepping stone for your career.

In our survey, 57% of respondents said they would consider relocating to another city or country for work, with the top three incentives being monetary reasons, better career opportunities, and a higher standard of living. 

Landscape view of Melbourne bridge

Top 3 locations for NetSuite professionals:

1. Australia

Junior-level salary: $78,954 (AUD)

Mid-level salary: $109,198 (AUD)

Senior-level salary: $114,769 (AUD)

2. New York

Junior-level salary: $87,500 (USD)

Mid-level salary: $120,000 (USD)

Senior-level salary: $132,000 (USD)

3. Chicago

Junior-level $87,500 (USD)

Mid-level $120,000 (USD)

Senior-level $132,000 (USD)


Knowing your value in the market as a NetSuite Admin

Understanding your worth as a NetSuite Admin and the comparable rates for your skills is an important task to undertake when looking to expand your career in the market. Without regular research, it can be a fine line between you having a fair market value for your position or you picking an arbitrary number that doesn’t reflect your skills, education, or experience.

It‘s important to do frequent research on the industry you’re working in, how that will affect the security of your role, and the effect you’ll have on your compensation package.

Currently, the role of a NetSuite Admin is looking like a remunerative career path to pursue. Nevertheless, we still recommend utilizing a range of sources to regularly benchmark your skillset and experience with those of your colleagues in the ecosystem

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