NetSuite’s annual SuiteWorld event, which got underway Monday night at the Sands Expo Convention Center, is different this year for a couple of huge reasons. For one thing, rather than in the event’s longtime home in San Jose, SuiteWorld 2017 is being held in Las Vegas. And for another, it’s the first SuiteWorld since NetSuite’s was acquired by Oracle last year for $9.3 billion.

For the first day and a half of SuiteWorld 2017, Vegas was the setting, but the Oracle changes were the main topic of conversation. And that was the case both in discussions on the floor of the event, and on the keynote stage. Here are some highlights of major happenings in the early going at SuiteWorld 2017:

SuiteWorld and SuitePeople

The morning keynote on Tuesday was headlined by Jim McGeever, the executive vice president of what’s now known as Oracle’s NetSuite Global Business Unit. And while McGeever had quite a bit to say on the stage in Hall D, including product announcements and that “we’re not in San Jose anymore,” another executive took the stage during that keynote as well: Mark Hurd, the chief executive of Oracle. And Hurd delivered a clear message to anyone with any doubts: NetSuite is here to stay.

“More, Better, Forever,” was the mantra of Hurd’s promise to the NetSuite world at SuiteWorld 2017. This means that rather than de-emphasizing NetSuite or even folding into Oracle, the company’s plan is to invest in NetSuite, expand it globally and give it unprecedented financial support. Hurd’s clear message was that there should be no doubt about NetSuite’s viability or its future.

“We didn’t spend $9.3 billion to disinvest from the business,” Hurd said from the stage.

Those investments, Hurd made clear, include helping NetSuite expand to 13 new countries in the near future, to expand its product and provide greater support for SuiteSuccess. Since the merger, Hurd had always been consistent about Oracle’s support for NetSuite, but the remarks at SuiteWorld were the most unequivocal he’s been yet.

McGeever, in his remarks, had a similar tone, stating that NetSuite will be available for any company, of any size, in any vertical, in any country. And part of that is the launch of a brand new product: SuitePeople, NetSuite’s new human resources system, which will be available June 1.

In a press release, NetSuite described SuitePeople as ” a new core human resources (HR) offering natively built on NetSuite’s unified cloud suite.” The new software, the company said, “weaves people data throughout the suite, giving businesses complete control over their core HR processes.”

The keynote also featured testimonials by NetSuite partners, including lingerie brand Journelle and doorbell security firm Ring.

Happenings Around the SuiteWorld Floor

But there was a lot more going on, in the early going of SuiteWorld 2017, than just keynotes. The exhibit floor, in Hall C at the Sands Expo Convention Center, was crowded and busy, both during an opening reception Monday night and throughout the day on Tuesday.

NetSuite and Oracle, of course, have the biggest booth of all:

Considering Oracle’s sponsorship of the America’s Cup, it’s not surprising that this was represented as well at SuiteWorld 2017:

Exhibitor Trunki offered something totally unexpected: Skee-ball!

Blue Apron, the meal delivery service, is at the event, conducting demos right inside the door to the exhibit hall:

And there for at all was the event’s official mascot, Suite Stanley:

Stanley is everywhere at SuiteWorld:  the keynotes, the booths, and the lunch area. He showed up in a funny skit during Ring’s keynote presentation. Various booths are even giving away stuffed miniature versions of Stanley as prizes.

Stanley took the time Tuesday to stop by and meet the crew at Anderson Frank’s booth:

Anderson Frank at SuiteWorld 2017:

Speaking of Anderson Frank, there’s a whole lot going on at our SuiteWorld booth. If you’re looking to fill a role for a NetSuite professional on your team, be sure to stop by Anderson Frank’s booth on the SuiteWorld floor, #1228. We’re a Silver Sponsor for the event.

Also, on the occasion of SuiteWorld 2017, Anderson Frank is exclusively launching its first-ever NetSuite Salary Survey. Be sure to stop by the booth and pick up a copy of your own. And if you’re not at SuiteWorld, you can download a copy of the survey here.

Throughout the event, Anderson Frank has been handing out prizes, both to the winner of our Salary Survey and SuiteWorld competitions. Congratulations to both!

Speaking of competitions, we’re conducting an Unlock the Box competition each day for several more prizes:

And finally, don’t miss Anderson Frank’s SuiteWorld session, on Market Trends in NetSuite Hiring, which is scheduled for 10 a.m. on Thursday, at the SuiteWorld Expo Stage:

What’s to Come at SuiteWorld 2017

It’s been a busy and impactful two days, but SuiteWorld 2017 is far from over. There are still a whole lot of big events planned for the rest of the week.

Evan Goldberg, NetSuite’s founder, briefly appeared at the software keynote on Tuesday afternoon, but he’ll be back for a full-fledged address on Wednesday at 9 a.m. The exhibit floor will remain open on Wednesday and Thursday. And Wednesday it’s Nextfest at the Hard Rock Hotel. The headliner is the supergroup known as Royal Machines, but rumors abound of major special guests who may appear on stage along with them.

What are you most looking forward to for the rest of SuiteWorld 2017?