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12 frequently asked questions in a NetSuite interview

By Phillipa Cross

a NetSuite professional being interviewed

We’ve teamed up with the NetSuite Solution Provider Trajectory Inc to work on a series of articles based on the life of a NetSuite professional. Check out their article: NetSuite Fixed Assets Module: what, how & why. But first, let’s dive into today’s topic: 12 questions you might get asked in a NetSuite interview.

Preparing for a NetSuite interview

No matter how familiar you are with the interview process, you’ll usually find each one has unique challenges you’ll need to overcome to impress the decision-maker. Often, the interviewer will ask you a question that will throw a spanner in the works, to see how quickly you can think on your feet.

They might ask about challenges you’ve faced in a previous NetSuite project, whether you’re a keen team player, or what you think of the NetSuite product line-up. You’ll never be able to predict what’s going to happen. So, to limit the element of surprise, we suggest preparing for a range of potential scenarios that could play out during your next NetSuite interview.

How to ace your next NetSuite interview:

  1. Carefully examine the job advert
  2. Consider why you are interviewing for the role and what excites you about the job
  3. Perform in-depth research on the company
  4. Consider your answers to common NetSuite interview questions
  5. Conduct a mock NetSuite interview to practice how you address and sell yourself
  6. Prepare several thoughtful questions for the interviewer
  7. Print copies of your resume
  8. Get ready to follow up after the interview

Frequently asked questions in a NetSuite interview

1. How many years of NetSuite experience do you have?

Question explanation

From our recent salary survey, we discovered a junior role needs 0-2 years’ experience with NetSuite, mid-level roles typically cover 3-6 years, and for a senior position, it’s usually 7+ years.

An interviewer will be looking for a candidate they can assign meaningful NetSuite projects to from the beginning. If you lack the relevant experience in NetSuite but have experience in other tech fields, mention that and highlight the key transferable skills you can use for the job.

Potential answer

“I’ve been working with the NetSuite software for four years, but I also have three years’ experience working with Sage software as a junior accountant.”

28% of NetSuite candidates have less than two years’ experience with NetSuite, while 33% of those professionals have over 19 years working in tech.

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2. Do you have experience as a NetSuite user? If so, how much?

Question explanation

Having real-life NetSuite user experience can be essential for a business, especially during the implementation stage. If you have experience as an end-user, you will be able to take a more comprehensive approach to potential obstacles that may occur down the line.

Expand on the answer by explaining your role as an end-user, whether you were involved in the implementation stage, and how your previous employer overcame any challenges they may have had with their NetSuite system.

Potential answer

“After graduating, I worked as a junior admin assistant for a manufacturing company. I gained three years’ experience as a NetSuite end-user, but, I was unaware I was using NetSuite until 12 months in when I was asked to gain a NetSuite qualification. The company had personally branded the NetSuite ERP, which is a common thing for organizations to do.”

3. Was your previous project a success, if so, how did you contribute to it?

Question explanation

In addition to analyzing how collaborative you are as a team player, employers will be looking at your communication style and judgement. They’ll want to know how you handle and overcome challenges to measure your self-awareness and your willingness to adapt to your environment.

Potential answer

The previous project I was a part of was an overall success. However, we did come across challenges and had to work as a team to overcome them. I was a key player during the planning/development/deployment stage, my technical/soft skills during this stage of the project helped to resolve this issue—preventing the project from further delays.

4. I noticed on your resume; you played a significant role in several implementation projects, could you tell me more about them?

Question explanation

The interviewer is likely to use the phrase ‘I noticed on your resume.’ This is to identify if your knowledge truly reflects what you’ve included in your application. For those candidates who like to fabricate their resume, don’t. It will only lead to an embarrassing encounter with the interviewer and may end up costing you the job.


Instead of lying, use your resume to prioritize your transferable strengths that can add value to the role. We also suggest taking your resume in with you, so you can revert to it if you need to.

Learn how to send your NetSuite resume to the top of a decision-maker’s list.

5. In a previous NetSuite project, how did you resolve an existing business problem?

Question explanation

The interviewer will be looking for you to identify pain points in a business’s NetSuite interface and what actions you would take to resolve it. You should talk about a previous project’s challenges, how you implemented and measured the solution, and what lessons you learned from the outcome.

Potential answer

“My previous employer was having trouble encouraging end-user adoption. As the company’s NetSuite specialist, I was part of the project’s super-user team. My role was to champion the new ERP system and drive user adoption. During the final stages of development, employees were reluctant to try the latest software.

“To resolve this, I set up focus groups with the department managers, to ask what we could do to encourage their teams to adopt. After hearing their concerns, my team and I arranged a series of training workshops for each department. After six months, we had another meeting to gain feedback on the interface and how it could be improved to enhance efficiency. This solution gave us valuable insight into NetSuite’s capabilities, and the company continues to use this practice every year to improve its operation.”

6. What are the potential challenges with NetSuite, and how can we overcome them?

Question explanation

This can be difficult to answer; you need to be honest without degrading the company or NetSuite’s functionality. Before answering the question, ask the interviewer what challenges they’ve recently faced and then use your knowledge of the NetSuite system and the plugins available in SuiteApps to resolve the issue.

Potential answer

It’s common for companies to adopt NetSuite’s ERP, while still having a different branded CRM, like Salesforce. There are pros and cons to both options. Ideally, you’d want the same branded products as your system would run more efficiently, especially with a management platform like OneWorld.

However, as you are a sales-driven company and Salesforce is one of the leading CRMs on the market, it might be more beneficial for the company to use both products and utilize the third-party plugin, Celigo’s ‘Salesforce for NetSuite’.

7. What are some of your favorite updates from NetSuite’s new release, and why?

Question explanation

An employer will be looking for a candidate who can continuously optimize NetSuite’s capabilities to enhance their operation. This question will help the interviewer determine how experience you are with NetSuite’s latest release and whether you keep up with the newest tech trends. As a NetSuite candidate, you should have a vested interest in the latest NetSuite releases, or at the very least, have read the latest release notes.

Potential answer

“The updates from the 19.2 release has really improved SuiteFlow’s functionality. It allows you to automate the process of complex workflows, making the actions and sub-lists more flexible. Also, the interface is more intuitive, so it’s easier to switch between edit and view mode. Making it easier for the end-user to automate processes like transaction approval for custom or standard records. I’m really looking forward to see what NetSuite is planning for their 20.1 release.”

Discover what’s happening in the NetSuite ecosystem in 2020.

8. Has there ever been a time when you needed to change your behavior at work? If so, how did you accomplish this?

Question explanation

This is a chance for the interviewer to get a sense of your emotional intelligence. Having the ability to read a room or a situation is a great skill to have in a work environment, especially if you’ll be in a customer-facing role.

Potential answer  

“Yes. In my last job, I went through a stage of working late into the evening, resulting in me getting home late, effecting my sleep pattern, and making me too tired to perform at my best the next day. To fix this, I began allocating my time better during the day, which helped me to improve my productivity and the efficiency of my work. This allowed me to go home on time and take better care of myself.”

9. What collaborative workplace tools have you used?

Question explanation

A lot of companies have a cloud-first approach to business and often collaborate with multiple teams around the world. The interviewer will be looking for a candidate that is comfortable using collaborative workplace tools like Slack, Jira, or Basecamp. Although the training might not be too complicated, it will be another thing that you’ll have to learn to be fully ready for the role. If you don’t have experience with any collaborative tools, it might be worth researching some industry favorites.

Potential answers

“Yes, I’ve used several of these. I also have experience with HipChat, which I think is a great tool for our line of work, as it provides cloud-based file storage, video calling, and inline-image viewing.”

You never know when you’ll find your dream job.  

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10. Why do you want to work for this company?

Question explanation

The interviewer will likely want a candidate who can fill a long-term role. With this question, they’ll be measuring your interest level in their business, and benchmarking how dedicated you’ll be as an employee. You should express genuine interest and eagerness to join their team by researching the company before your NetSuite interview, at the very least, the decision-maker should be able to tell if you’ve reviewed their ‘About Us’ page.

Potential answer

“I’ve been following your company for a while. I’ve always been impressed with your client case studies and the awards you’ve received. My values align with your company’s mission, and I’m ready for new challenges and be part of your growing team.”

11. Why are you the right person for this position?

Question explanation

Use this question to help you summarize why you’re right for the role. You should use examples that you’re most proud of, as well as highlight specific skills that reflect the job requirements.

Potential answer

“I have four years of experience as a NetSuite admin. Before that, I was an end-user for three years, so I know both sides of the customer-consultant dynamic. I’ve been involved in several implementation projects, and each one has taught me the importance of being a team player. I’ve also gained leadership experience by delivering a range of end-user training workshops for my previous employer. I believe my experience and skill set will be a perfect fit for your business.”

12. Do you have any follow-up questions?

Question explanation

A NetSuite interview is a two-way street, and both parties are there to learn about each other. For you, this is an excellent time to discover more about the position, your boss, and the company, to determine if the job is right for you. Also, if you don’t prepare relevant questions, you run the risk of the decision-maker thinking you’re not interested or haven’t prepared for the role.

Question 1: Can you tell me more about the day-to-day responsibilities of this job?

This will help you gain an insight into what specific skills you’ll be using daily, it’s also an excellent question to address any topics that haven’t already been covered by the interviewer.

Question 2: What are the biggest challenges you’re facing with your NetSuite interface right now?

This can help you uncover issues they may be having with their current NetSuite dashboard and perhaps identify areas where your skills and previous experience could help them.

Question 3: Can you tell me more about your company culture?

This will help you determine if you’re a good fit for the business and whether you would be comfortable working with the culture and the dynamic of the company.

Question 4: What are your expectations for this role during the first 60 days, six months, and year?

If you get the job (and we’re sure you will), knowing what the employer is expecting for the first year will give you time to prepare for the role and limit being chucked in the deep end on day one.

Final tip

Try not to use the initial interview to discuss salaries or benefits. Instead, wait until the final stages of the process to negotiate it with the hiring manager or HR department. If you’d like to learn more about NetSuite salaries and benefits, we suggest downloading our recent salary report to benchmark your worth in the NetSuite market.

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