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The ultimate source for the latest career insights, hiring trends and salaries across the NetSuite Community

Welcome from our CMO

What's inside the Careers and Hiring Guide and why is this free resource a must-read for NetSuite professionals worldwide? Our CMO tells you everything you need to know about this year's publication.

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Kashif Naqshbandi
Chief Marketing Officer
Our 2022 key findings
Digital transformation has moved at lightning speed since the onset of the global pandemic, leaving many organizations in the NetSuite ecosystem with a skills gap that falls short of the latest IT innovations. In our guide, we examine the true impact of the growing skills gap on our community and how we can work together to tackle this widespread issue.
What are the most popular certifications in the NetSuite community? Is a degree essential to work with the platform? And how can training and upskilling impact your earning potential? We delve into these questions and other key topics surrounding professional development and highlight the steps you can take to fly high in your NetSuite career.
Recruiting top NetSuite professionals can be problematic in the current market—but keeping them can be even more challenging. Candidates are striving for a better work-life balance and are not afraid to walk away from an employer when their needs aren`t met. We profile these challenges in more detail and share top insights on creating a happy workforce.
Referencing our in-depth findings, we spotlight the latest diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) developments in the NetSuite ecosystem and ask whether businesses are doing enough to champion equal rights. From implementing a robust DEI policy to paying equal pay, we look at the approaches you can take to create a more inclusive and fairer workplace for all.

Executive summary

Zoë Morris
President, Anderson Frank
Zoë Morris/zoe-morris
Welcome to the latest edition of Anderson Frank`s Careers and Hiring Guide—the ultimate resource for career insights, hiring trends, and salaries in the NetSuite ecosystem.

Whether you`re a newly-certified NetSuite professional looking for an entry-level role or a more seasoned NetSuite user, we have all the insights you need to map out the career of your dreams and boost your earning potential.

If, on the other hand, you`re responsible for hiring or managing NetSuite talent within your team, we have plenty of tips to maximize your investment in the NetSuite platform and help you navigate the ever-growing digital skills gap.

Our findings were collated through two main channels; self-reported data from an online survey and statistical analysis of vacancies and placements made by our consultants at Anderson Frank. This information has enabled us to create the most wide-ranging snapshot of the NetSuite ecosystem available anywhere right now.

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Advice to set you apart from other candidates and secure your dream role.

Insights to help you reach your professional goals faster.

The latest market rates in your region across key NetSuite roles.

How to attract and retain sought-after NetSuite pros.

About our data
This publication is based on over 30,000 data points, including self-reported survey information from NetSuite professionals worldwide between April and August 2022. Respondents span a range of industries, come from diverse personal and professional backgrounds, and cover a mix of professionals and hiring managers.

We've validated every survey response using robust statistical analysis and automated data validation rules to be included in the final results. Any data that didn't pass our validation rules and statistical analysis or were deemed questionable, incomplete, or duplicate were removed so that the results published are meaningful and accurate.