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    VP of Operations - (NetSuite)

    USA, California, Los Angeles

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    • Skills: NetSuite ERP, Consultant, Partner, Senior Consultant, Implementation, Accounting, Finance, ARM
    • Seniority: Senior

    Job description

    Job Title: VP or Director of Operations

    Department: Operations

    Reports to: President

    Job Purpose: As the VP or Director of Operations, you will be responsible for managing all aspects of the day-to-day operations of the service delivery department while supporting the company's growth, profitability, and service delivery quality. You will lead and manage a team of approximately 60 consultants and ensure compliance with labor laws in the Philippines, US, India. You will also play a critical role in setting and managing the budget.


    * Lead the Service Delivery Department: Manage the day-to-day people management of the department and set the department's strategy and growth plans in line with the overall company goals and needs.
    * Drive Operational Excellence: Identify areas of improvement and plan, organize, and implement process and system improvements to bring operational excellence to the team.
    * Human Capital Management: Project the needed headcount to support growth and set standards for hiring, staffing, and resource optimization.
    * Compliance: Ensure compliance with all local labor laws in the Philippines, US, India.
    * P&L Responsibility: Set and manage to a budget for the department.
    * Build Culture: Work with the team to make the company a highly desired place to work and improve employee retention.
    * Teamwork: Interact effectively with other parts of the company, establish a culture of accountability in managing the business, and win trust within the Company community.

    Specific Measures of Success - Expected Outcomes:

    1 Client Success: Over 80% of implementation projects and support customers receive a NPS score of 7+.
    2 Client Retention: Over 100% net revenue retention for support clients.
    3 Utilization: Over 75% billable utilization of service delivery team.
    4 Team: Over 90% A players by June 2024 (2 years post hire).
    5 Escalations: Less than 20% of clients have escalations in any given year.
    6 Gross Profit: Over 60% gross margins.

    What we look for:

    * Deep NetSuite Experience: Broad NetSuite knowledge and experience leading 10+ end-to-end NetSuite implementations. NetSuite certifications preferred.
    * Track Record of Success: Has beaten success metrics 90% of the time throughout his/her career and is at the top of the peer group.
    * Staying Power & Positive Attitude: Can weather the storm and never gives up.
    * Proactive: Takes initiative in identifying and addressing issues and opportunities.
    * Entrepreneurial: Excited by the challenge of growing an organization and experience in implementing internal systems and processes to improve the quality and efficiency of the team.
    * Business Acumen: Can forecast and anticipate internal/external factors while guiding business strategy.
    * Diplomat: Can broker agreement across the company, is a respected member of the leadership team, and teaches and empowers others.